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Meet up for drinks and see where it takes us I Looking Swinger Couples

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Meet up for drinks and see where it takes us

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I am quiet at first, but warm up fastly if I feel comfortable with a person.

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Started by AshleyM8 Nov foe Posted 8 Nov I was just wondering if there is anyone in the Kaiserslaughtern-Darmstadt area that would like to meet up for drinks. I am new to the area and would love to meet some Yanks or any other English speaking folks for a friendly chat and a brew!

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Posted 16 Nov I moved here to Kaiserslautern from Licking Pussy in Gresham Oregon two weeks ago. Don't know much german yet and I'd love to meet some new people since Pu don't know anyone here.

I'm up for some drinks or beers! Posted 27 Nov I here I was thinking that I was the last of my kind in this area. Are you a "desparate housfrau" too? My husband and I moved seee for his work, we have been here since August.

Wanting Teen Sex Meet up for drinks and see where it takes us

Jobs are scarce, but my house is verrrry clean. I am actually learning how to ugh Posted 28 Nov Anyway, I moved to Germany because I have a German boyfriend. He lives a bit further away tho so we only meet in the weekends. I'm working here in K-town, in the computer software dribks. I am quite fond of the place and have no problem making the drive! I was thinking of going to the weihnachts market Beautiful wives want sex Klamath Falls the weekend of the 15th in Kaiserslaughtern.

I must have my designated driver husband with me because I always collect a few gluhwein cups.

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u; I have gobs of office and banking experience from back in the states and left a very good job to come here. Sadly I speak just a bit of german.

Look Real Sex Dating Meet up for drinks and see where it takes us

So far, we're working on something at the Darmstadter Brewery since it's right next to the main train station. I'm not sure if it will work out or not, but here's the link if you want to take a look: English-speakers in Griesheim near Darmstadt.

Posted 6 Jan Perhaps then we can actually put up a Rheinland-Pfalz section in TT instead of being relegated to the "elsewhere" section We live in Trier. Where is Kaiserlautern in relation to Trier? Love to meet a few people aee a chat. Trier is about an hour north-west of Kaiserslautern, if you drive That sounds like a plan! Well the other half does, I'm still trying to overcome driving on the right side of the road! But an hour from Trier would certainly be good practice for me and it would nice to meet a few new people.

Posted 7 Jan Keep me posted, I'll watch out for this thread then, and maybe a few others who've posted on here will too See ya! I'll put my two cents in on this one as I'm moving to Griesheim to work in Darmstadt end of the month. Hope to speak to you all again about this soon. I am always going Female eater for female only either.

Meet up for drinks and see where it takes us Frankfurt for meet-ups!!! Just a little FYI: Darmstadt is about an hour away from Kaiserslautern, Trier is about an hour from Kaiserslautern in the opposite direction. So if you are like us and like to drive or take a train trip we can always meet! I don't know too much about Kaiserslautern, restaurants.

So if someone else knows a good spot let me know! Darmstadt has a couple of good dance clubs. Nachtcafe and there is a new one that we have been wanting to try out. Well, I don't have a car, so I take the train everywhere but anyway, I'm always up for meeting up in Kaiserslautern, Single sluts in Springdale during the week, at any ot that doesn't need me to take a connection.

So, Mannheim, HD is okay during the week.

But I expect all these places aren't close to Trier except Saarbruecken Gary 58801 whores is pretty small compared to the big cities, but nice enough for an occasional meet-up. There're a couple of spots for salsa dancing that I know of and a few tales but I've not been to those, yet.

Posted 8 Jan Was talking to Dan, mein Mann, the other day and he tells me we've already been to Kaiserslautern. We went looking to do a walk or hike or sommat cos it's supposed to be THE place to go for that. And we couldn't hp anywhere to walk! We drove to the centre, it was of a Sundee, so all the shops were closed.

So we drove back out and parked in some housing estate and found a wee walk there.

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But it wasn't easy. Off the beaten track. Do you do any of that healthy walking stuff or are you just into the ole Salsa? Between his short legs and my long ones, we are always stepping on each other's toes!

But we always have fun!

This Desparate Hausfrau could use a bit of fresh air and a martini You and your other half sound like the opposite to us. Js the short one and he's the lanky one I remember I just tried Salsa dancing the one time and the fella I ended up dancing with had a medium to bad BO problem Neither was the dancing.

I Am Look Teen Sex Meet up for drinks and see where it takes us

But I'd say it's fun. Are you good at the ole Salsa or are you just going for the craic fun? In any case fresh air and a martini doesn't sound that bad, might make it a nice beer though instead God preserve me from Irish beer, especially Guinness!

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How awful to have a salsa partner that smells like ten week old tacos! The few times I have been was for fun. I love the Mfet My first instructor was a 4 ft 10 in Brazilian who kept saying "As-lee watch mi feets!

I couldn't see his "feets" because his head was in the way! I am 5' 10"! So I didn't really learn much I live just minutes from the Weinstrasse, so in the summer if anyone is up for a wine tasting trip in the summer Eat fuck suck Los angeles can safely say we'd always be up for a bit of wine-tasting and drinking and guzzling! Never let it be said we shied away from wine-tasting! But to get back to topic We were thinking the weekend might suit everyone best.

Perhaps next Saturday 12th Jan? But if this Saturday is too soon, then the one after would be fine too. It seems these things are planned well in advance.

Ashley, I hope you'll make it too Met bring the other half of the Salsa dancing Troupe. So how about early Saturday evening Of course if you'd rather meet earlier, let me know.

I could be assuming the wrong thing altogether. So if 1Tennisplayer can suggest a place and if y'all aand agree a time and ih date, either this Saturday 12th Jan Meet up for drinks and see where it takes us the next Sat 19th Jan well then we can stop talking about meeting and just do it! If you can give the name of a place and the street that would help us tourists find it, cheers!

Forums Latest activity Online users More More. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I hear English-speaking people everwhere So that's the dginks And that's not a threat, that's a promise!

We like to visit the "big cities" to get out of our little village on the edge of nowhere!