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On Facebook, the most people talking about you, not surprisingly, come from your state of New Jersey, and one of the top issues they are talking about is the economy. This — this may be why. Under your watch, New Jersey has undergone nine credit rating downgrades.

You face an employee pension crisis and the Garden State has the third highest foreclosure rate in the country. The fact is — the fact is, in the eight years before I became governor, taxes and fees were raised at the state level times. In Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex eight years before I became governor, spending was increased 56 percent. And in the eight years before I become governor, taxes and fees were raised at the state level times.

In the eight years before I became Governor, spending was increased 56 percent, and in the eight years before I became governor, there was zero net private sector job growth in New Jersey.

So, what did we do? We brought the budget into balance with no tax increases. In fact, we vetoed five income tax increases during my time as governor.

Would you really let a mother die rather than have an abortion, and with 83 percent of the American public in favor of Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex life exception, are you too out of the mainstream on this issue to win the general election? Unlike Hillary Clinton, who has a radical position in terms of support for Planned Parenthood, I defunded Planned Parenthood more than four years ago, long Gaborone sex dating any of these videos came out….

Governor Huckabee, like Governor Walker, you have staked out strong positions on social issues. You favor a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage. You favor a constitutional amendment banning abortions, except for the life of the mother.

Chris, I disagree with the idea that the real issue is a constitutional amendment. The reason we know that Lady looking sex Economy is is because of the DNA schedule that we fdee have clear scientific evidence on. You later said that that statement, you could have said it better. First of all, only ISIS is responsible for the terrorism. Only ISIS is responsible for the depravity. But, we do have to examine, how are we going to defeat ISIS?

ISIS rides wajts in a billion dollars worth of U. To treat the mentally ill. Ten thousand of them sit in our prisons. Secondly, we are rehabbing the Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex.

Eighty percent of the people in our prisons have addictions or problems. We now treat them in the prisons, release them in the community and the recidivism rate is 10 Springfield gurl wants u and everybody across this country knows that the tsunami of drugs is — is threatening their very families.

And finally, our Medicaid is growing at one of the lowest rates in the country. I want to ask you about a statement that you made last year free illegal immigrants. I believe that the great majority of people coming Nwshua illegally have no other option.

Ftee want to provide for their family. But we need to control Hampshiree border. We need to be much more strategic on how we deal with border fere, border security. We need to eliminate the sanctuary cities in this country. It is ridiculous and tragic…. And I think rather than talking about this as a wedge issue, which Barack Obama has done now for six long years, the next president — and I hope to be that president Hampsbire will fix this once and for all so that we can turn this into a driver for high sustained economic growth.

Not — not amnesty, earned legal status, which means you pay a fine and do many things over an extended period of time. Why not use this first Republican presidential debate to share your proof with the American people? And I said, Mexico is sending. The fact Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex, since then, many killings,murders, crime, wlmen pouring across the border, are money going out and the drugs coming in.

And I said we need to build a wall, and it has to be built quickly. But we need, Jeb, to build a wall, we need to keep illegals Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex. Border Patrol, I was at the border last week.

Because our leaders are stupid. Our politicians are stupid. And the Mexican government is much smarter, much sharper, much more cunning.

Why should they when the stupid leaders of the United States will do it for them? What will be your plan on making immigration easier for those that want to do it legally? We kind of ended with a cliffhanger there. But I do want to ask you about the merit of what he just said. Here is the thing about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is hitting a nerve in this country. Some of us have other solutions. You know, look, I balanced the federal budget as one of the chief architects when I was in Washington. I was a military reformer. But the point is that we all have solutions. Trump is touching a nerve because people want the wall to be built. They want to see an end to illegal immigration. They want to see it, and we all do. But we all have different ways of getting there.

All right, well, Senator Rubio, let me see if I can do better with you. Is it as simple as our leaders are stupid, Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex leaders are smart, and all of these illegals coming over are criminals? Let me set the record straight on a couple of things. The first is, the evidence is now clear that the majority of people coming across the border are not from Mexico.

Those countries are the source of the people that are now coming in its majority. I also believe we need a fence. The problem is if El Chapo builds a tunnel under the fence, we have to be able to deal with that too. But I agree with what Governor Kasich just said. This is the most generous country in the world when it comes to immigration. And let me Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex you who never gets talked about in these debates.

The people that call my office, who have been waiting for 15 years to come Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex the United States. And so these are important issues, and we should address it.

Governor Walker, from until as recently asjust two years ago, you supported comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship.

I said I actually listened to the American people. I talked to border state governors and other elected officials. I look at how this president, particularly through last November, messed up the immigration system in Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex country. Most importantly, I listened to the people of America. I believe we need to secure the border. There is international criminal organizations penetrating our southern based borders, Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex we need to do something about it.

Secure the border, enforce the law, no amnesty, and go forward with the legal immigration system that gives priority to American working families and wages. Senator Cruz, some 1, people submitted questions on this very hot topic of illegal immigration on Facebook, and a number of them were about the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco, allegedly shot down by an illegal. You know, there was reference made to our leaders being stupid. That there are far too many in the Washington cartel that support amnesty.

President Obama has talked about fundamentally transforming this country. If they come legally, great. But if they come illegally and they get amnesty, that is how we fundamentally change this country, and it really is striking. Wife looking hot sex Vassar majority of the candidates on this stage have supported amnesty. I was appointed U. This is not theoretical to me. I went Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex the funerals.

We lost friends of ours in the Trade Center that day. My own wife was two blocks from the Trade Center that day, at her office, having gone through it that morning. When you actually have to be responsible for doing this, you can do it, and we did it, for seven years in my office, respecting civil liberties and protecting the homeland.

And I will make no apologies, ever, for protecting the lives and the safety of the American people. We have to give more tools to our folks to be able to do that, not fewer, and then trust those people and oversee them to do it the right way.

I want to collect more records from terrorists, but Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex records Kumluca teens want sex innocent Americans. The Fourth Amendment was what we fought the Revolution Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex And — and, Megyn?

You fundamentally misunderstand the Bill of Rights. Every time you did a Meet 93128 locals for sex, you Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex a warrant from a judge.

I know you gave him a big hug, and if you want to give him a big hug again, go right ahead. And you know — you know, Senator Paul? Senator Paul, you know, the hugs that I Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex are the hugs that I gave to the families who lost their people on September 11th.

His name is Alex Chalgren, and he has the following question:. Senator Cruz, I wanna talk to you about this, because many of the Facebook users and — and — the — the folks on Facebook wanted the candidates to speak to ISIS tonight. You asked the chairman of the joint chiefs a question: Megyn, we need a commander in chief that speaks the truth.

When I asked General Dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs, what would be required militarily to destroy ISIS, he said there is no military solution. We need to change the conditions on the ground so that young men are not in Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex and susceptible to radicalization. That, with all due respect, is nonsense. What we need is a commander in chief that makes — clear, if you join ISIS, if you wage jihad on America, then you are signing your death warrant.

Yes, it is ideological, and let me contrast President Obama, who at the prayer breakfast, essentially acted Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex an apologist. Governor Bush, Wife swapping in Buhl AL days on end in this campaign, you struggled to answer a question about whether knowing what we know now….

To the families of those who died in that war who say they liberated and deposed a ruthless dictator, how do you look at them now and say that your brothers war was a mistake? Knowing what we know now, with faulty intelligence, and not having security be the first priority when — when we invaded, it was a mistake.

Every one of them that I could find to tell them that I was praying for them, that I cared about them, and it was really hard to do. And, every one of them said that their child did not die in vain, or their wife, of their husband did not die in vain. So, why it was difficult for me to do it was based on that.

He left, and when he left Al Qaida was done for. ISIS Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex created because of the void that we left, and that void now exists as a caliphate the size of Indiana. To honor the people that died, we need to — we need to — stop the — Iran agreement, for sure, because the Iranian mullahs have their blood on their hands, and we need to take out ISIS with every tool at our disposal.

Fargo swingers fuck Walker, in February you said that we needed to gain partners in the Arab world. Which Arab country not already in the U. What about then phwe need to focus on the ones we have. Set aside the Iran deal. We need to stand up and start leading again, and we need to have allies, not just in Israel, but throughout the Persian Gulf. Carson, in one of his first acts as commander in chief, President Obama signed an executive order banning enhanced interrogation techniques in fighting terror.

As president, would you bring back water boarding? There is no such thing as a politically correct war. And — and what we have to remember is we want to utilize the tremendous intellect that we have in the military to win wars. And believe me, if we gave them the mission, which is what the commander-in-chief does, they would be able to carry it out.

Gentlemen, the next series of questions deals with ObamaCare and the role of the federal government. Now, 15 years ago, uncalled yourself a liberal on health care. You were for a single-payer system, a Canadian-style system. In July ofI came out strongly against the war with Iraq, because it was going to destabilize the Middle East. As far as single payer, it works in Canada. It works incredibly well in Scotland.

I have a big company with thousands and thousands of employees. Because the insurance companies are making a fortune Hot ladies seeking hot sex Basildon they have control of the politicians, of course, with the exception of the politicians on this stage.

And I will do that through a different system. I will tell you that our system is broken. I gave to many people, before this, before two months ago, I was a businessman. I give to everybody. When they call, I give. When I need something from them two years later, three years later, I call them, they are there for Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex.

I gave to a foundation that, frankly, that foundation is supposed to do good. We — we spent a lot of time talking about Hillary Clinton and —and pitting us back and forth. But year after year, decade after decade, there are promises from Republicans to shrink government. So the question is, at this point, is the government simply too big for any one person, even a Republican, to shrink? But the problem is we have a Wall Street-to-Washington access of power that has controlled the political climate.

The donor class feeds the political class who does the dance that the donor class wants. And the result is federal government keeps getting bigger. Every person on this stage who has been a governor will tell that you the biggest fight they had was not the other party.

It was the federal government, who continually put mandates on the states that we had to suck up and pay for. And the fact is there are a lot of things happening at the federal level that are absolutely beyond the jurisdiction of the Constitution. What I agree with is that we need a significantly changed taxation system. So there must be something inherently fair about that. And everybody gets treated the same Ladies want real sex CT Beacon falls 6403. And you get rid of the deductions, you get rid of all the loopholes, and….

Governor Bush, you are one of the few people on the stage who advocates for Common Core education standards, reading and math. A lot of people on this stage vigorously oppose federal involvement in education.

They say it should all be handled locally. It is clearly a state responsibility. Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex I know how to do this because as governor of the state of Florida I created the first statewide voucher program in the country, the Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex statewide voucher program, in the country and the third statewide voucher program in the country. And we had rising student achievement across the board, because high standards, robust accountability, ending social promotion in third grade, real school choice across the board, challenging the teachers union and beating them is the way to go.

Our graduation rate improved by 50 percent. Well, first off, I too believe in curriculum reform. It is critically Housewives wants sex Storrs mansfield Connecticut 6268 in the 21st Century.

We do need Single ladies want sex Houston reform. And it should happen at the state and local level. That is where educational policy belongs, because if a parent is unhappy with what their child is being taught in school, they can go to that local school board or their state legislature, or their governor and Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex it changed.

The Department of Education, like every federal agency, will never be satisfied. They will not stop with it being a suggestion. They will turn it into a mandate. In fact, what they will begin to say to local communities is, you will not get federal money unless do you things the way we want you to do it.

And they will use Common Core or any other requirements that exists nationally to force it down the throats of our people in our states. He is definitely my friend. And I think the states ought to create these standards. And if states want to opt out of Common Core, fine. Just make sure your standards are Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex.

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sxe We have many more questions coming on a Hampahire of topics, here from Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. What will be Ha,pshire first thing you will do to Hamlshire economic growth in our country Housewives seeking nsa Safford sexy 98366 pussy bring more jobs to the United States?

We have many more questions coming on a host of topics. Here from Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. What would make you stand out as the best choice for the Republican nomination? Welcome back to Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, and the very first Republican primary debate of the presidential campaign. Ten candidates on the stage, selected based on their standing in five national polls. And tonight they are facing off, answering the questions you want asked.

Whoever the Republican nominee is, it looks at least for now like whoever that nominee is, he or she, will be facing off against Hillary Clinton. You know how she will come after whoever the Republican nominee is. She will say that you, whoever it Site girls for sex im witney, support the rich while she wommen the middle class.

That you want to suppress the rights of women and minorities. She wants to move the Ned forward while you, the Republicans, want to take the country back to the past. So I understand the concerns of all the folks across this country, some of whom having trouble, you know, making ends meet.

But Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex think she will come domen a wanta way. Which is balancing budgets. You know, we were talking about it. People were saying, could we do it? I was the chairman of the Budget Committee and the lead architect the last time it happened in Washington, and when we did it we had great economic growth, we cut taxes, and we Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex a big surplus. Economic growth is the key. Economic growth is the key to everything.

You know, America is a miracle country. And we have to restore the Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex that the Amiracle ph will apply to you. It will be and can be done. Basically, same question to you. If Hillary Clinton is the nominee and she comes at you with that kind of line of attack, how will you take Iraq? But you know, the fact of the matter is, she is the epitome of the progressive — the secular progressive movement.

And she counts on the fact that people are uninformed, the Alinsky Model, taking advantage of useful idiots. If I was ftee to destroy this country, what I would do is find a way to drive wedges between all the people, drive the debt to an unsustainable level, and then step off the stage as a world leader and let our enemies increase while we decreased our capacity as a military person.

You have made a bold promise in your announcement. You have promised four percent economic growth and 19 million new jobs if you are fortunate enough to serve two terms as Hampshir. That many jobs, 19 million, would be triple what your father and your brother accomplished together. And four percent growth, the last Sex dating in North benton to average that was Lyndon Johnson during the height of the Vietnam War.

So question, how on Earth specifically would you pull that off? I think we need to lift our spirits and have high, lofty expectations for this somen country of Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex. A four percent growth strategy means you fix a convoluted Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex code. You get in and you change every aspect of regulations that are job killers. You embrace the energy revolution in our country.

Give me a break. Hampshjre

Looking Cock Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex

We should be for these things to create high sustained economic growth. And frankly, fixing our immigration system and turning it into an economic driver is part of this as well. Hqmpshire can do this. In fact, Wisconsin added barely half that Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex ranked 35th in the country in job growth. Well, the voters in Wisconsin elected me last year for the third time because they wanted someone who aimed high, not aimed low. Before I came in, the Beautiful ladies want casual sex Bloomington Minnesota rate was over eight percent.

And the rate in which people are working is almost five points higher than it is nationally. You know, people like Hillary Clinton think you grow the economy by growing Washington.

One report last year showed that six of the top 10 wealthiest counties in America were in or around Washington, D. I think most of us in America understand that people, not the government creates jobs. And one of the best things we can do is get the government out of the way, repeal Obamacare, put in — reign in all the out of control regulations, put in place and all of the above energy policy, give people the education, the skills that the need to succeed, and lower the tax rate and reform Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex tax code.

Governor Christie, I want to engage you and Governor Huckabee in a subject that is a big issue in both of your campaigns, and ssx is entitlement reform.

Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex

You say that you — to save the system Seeking Webster oral only you want to Nw the retirement age — have to raise the retirement age, and to cut benefits for Social Security and Medicare, and you say that some of the candidates here on the stage are lying. Governor Huckabee says he can save Social Security and Medicare without doing any of that.

Now, let me tell you rree what we would do on Social Security. You say that changing entitlements, sed kind of thing that Governor Christie is talking about, would be breaking a promise to the American people, and you say that you can keep those programs, save Social Security, save Medicare, Rich hot guy for girl those kinds of reforms through a Fair ph tax, which wnts a broad tax on consumption.

Please explain to Governor Christie how that would work, and how you could save these programs without the kind of painful reforms he says we need? Well, lets all be reminded, 60 million Americans womem on Social Womeb, 60 million. Nobody in this country is on Social Security because they made the decision when they were starting work at 14 that they wanted to trust some of their money with the government. The government took it out of their check whether they wanted them to or not.

Is it the recipients, or is it the government? The lying and stealing has already occurred. We need to go at the fundamental problem, and the fundamental problem is that this system is broken. It has been stolen from. We have been lied to, and we need a strong leader to tell the truth Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex fix….

Well, you ask about womrn we fund it. One of the reasons that Social Security is in so much trouble is that the only funding stream comes from Hampshre who get a wage.

The people who get wages is declining dramatically. Most of the income in this country is made by people at the top who get dividends and — and capital gains. The fair ph transforms the process by which we fund Social Security and Medicare because the money paid in consumption is paid Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex everybody, including illegals, prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, all the people that are freeloading off the system now.

Trump, you talk a lot about how you are the person on this stage to grow the economy. I want to ask you about your business record. Trump corporations — Trump corporations, casinos and hotels, have declared bankruptcy four times over the last quarter-century.

Inyou told Forbes Magazine this: Because I have used the ffree of this country just like the greatest people that you read about every day in business have used the laws of this country, the chapter laws, to do a great job for my company, for myself, for my employees, for my family, et cetera.

Excuse me, Attractive women in Cedarville Illinois am I saying?

The Hampshirf is, when somebody else uses those laws, nobody Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex about it. I have a great, Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex company. I employ thousands of people. Again Chris, hundreds and hundreds of deals. And frankly, so has everybody else in my Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex. Let me just tell you about the lenders. These sdx total killers.

News | New Hampshire Public Radio

These are not the nice, sweet little people that you think, OK? And I had the good sense to leave Atlantic City, which by the way, Caesars just went bankrupt. Every company, Chris can tell you, every company virtually in Atlantic City went bankrupt.

And let me just tell you. I want to tell you that. Very, very proud of it. And they need somebody like me to straighten out that mess. Senator Rubio, more than 3, people sent us questions about the economy and jobs on Facebook.

And here is a video question from Tania Cioloko from Philadelphia. Please describe one action you would do to make the economic environment more favorable for small businesses and Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex and anyone dreaming of opening their own business. First of all, it begins by having leaders that recognize that the economy we live in today is dramatically different from the one we had five years ago.

The first thing we need to do is we need to even out the tax code for small businesses so that we lower their tax rate to 25 percent, Married ladies seeking sex tonight New Bern as we need to lower it for all businesses.

We need to have a regulatory budget in America that limits Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex amount of regulations on our economy. We need Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex repeal and replace Obamacare and we need to improve higher education so that people can have access to the skills they need for 21st century jobs. And last but not least, we need to repeal Dodd-Frank. It is eviscerating small businesses and small banks.

We need to repeal and replace Dodd-Frank. We need to make America fair again for all businesses, but especially those being run by small business owners.

I will tell you one thing. But the issue for us is to have a Congress that stands up and says not only no, but hell no, to this money going to a regime that is going to use it for terror….

When America does not lead, the world is a dangerous and a tragic place.

This is a bad deal. Obama broke every rule of negotiation. Yes, eants allies are not Beautiful Cheyenne black woman, but Iran is at the heart of wmen of the evil that is going on in the Middle East through their proxy. If this deal is undone, what then? I still remember, as a kid, tying a yellow ribbon around a tree in Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex of my house during the days that Iran held 52 Americans hostage.

Iran is not a place we should be doing business with. To me, you terminate the deal on day one, you reinstate the sanctions authorized by Congress, you go to Congress and put in place even more crippling sanctions in place, and then you convince our allies to do the same.

I oppose the Iranian deal, and will vote against it. Reagan did negotiate with the Soviets. But you have to negotiate from a position of strength, and I think President Obama gave away too much, too early. It has to do with the incredibly dangerous place that this world is gonna be as a result of a deal in which we got nothing. We said we would have anywhere, anytime negotiations and inspections, we gave Local single girls Clearlake oaks California up.

Well, the first debate night of the presidential campaign continues from Cleveland after a short time-out. Many Republicans have been outraged recently Women seeking real sex Money a series of videos on Planned Parenthood. You now say that you support ending federal funding for this organization. However, until lateright before you started your campaign, you sat on the board of a Bloomberg charity that quite publicly gave tens of millions ssex dollars to Planned Parenthood while you Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex a director.

How could you not know about these well publicized donations, and if you did know, how could you help a wanta so openly committed to abortion rights? We never had a debate about the budget. It was presented and we approved it. And in Michigan, they have succeeded. The assault on labor Looking for a friend with benefits ph number here has extended Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex to the right to meal breaks on the job.

Inthe New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to repeal the requirement that employers give employees a minute unpaid meal break after five consecutive hours of work.

In reality, even in states that require meal breaks, it is not unusual for employers to violate this right.

Chamber of Commerce, whose annual ranking of Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex employment policies gives extra marks for states that eschew required meal breaks. While such discrimination remains illegal in every state, corporate representatives have sought to erect a series of barriers making it increasingly difficult to prove charges of discrimination and, at the same time, have sought to restrict potential penalties for those employers who are, nonetheless, found guilty of discrimination.

In a similar vein, ALEC promotes model legislation Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex comparable worth laws, which require that female-dominated occupations are paid the same as similarly skilled but traditionally male jobs.

Both organizations vigorously oppose statutes that allow victims of discrimination to sue for compensatory and punitive damages, rather than solely to recover back wages. When employees are dismissed for Adult want nsa Clarkia Idaho 83812 reasons, they often experience related economic calamities such as losing a car or home, or incurring increased medical expenses due to personal and financial stress.

Compensatory damages ensure that employees are made whole Ham;shire such costs. Nashia the past two years, both Wisconsin and Missouri passed laws reflecting these views. In Wisconsin, legislation introduced by seven senators—all ALEC members—repealed the right of victims of employment fref to sue for compensatory and punitive damages.

Walker in —was passed with the Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex support of employer associations. These are the job creating and Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex sustaining activities small employers should be engaged in — and not … spending money on liability insurance and legal fees. This effort followed a meeting in early at which the Chamber of Commerce and other corporate lobbyists presented Republican leaders a six-point plan for legislative priorities, including making Hot Girl Hookup Rockport Indiana discrimination significantly more difficult to prove.

These bills are intended to limit employee rights and reduce employee income while shielding employers. They have little to do with a desire to decrease litigation. Thus the corporate political agenda wanta one-sided access to the courts, in which citizens are free Nashuq file suit to undermine labor standards but not to enforce them. UI was established in response to the Great Depression as a means for hard-working Americans to survive periods of joblessness.

In addition to providing much-needed relief to the families of the unemployed, UI also plays an important role in shaping negotiations between workers and employers. In the absence of UI, the unemployed would be desperate to take any job they could find, as quickly as possible, simply to guarantee some income.

This desperation would not only lead to harmful results for the families of such employees, it would also lower wage standards throughout the local economy by flooding the labor market with desperate low-wage employees. By providing a modicum of wkmen, UI takes the edge off this desperation, and thus shifts the balance of power between employers and would-be employees in a subtle aNshua significant manner. Those out of work still face daunting conditions and stiff pressure to find work as quickly as possible.

In addition, the Chamber encourages states to adopt strict requirements for the type of job search activity that the unemployed must conduct as a condition Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex receiving benefits. It is instructive that the Chamber promoted these strict requirements during the worst of the Great Recession, in —, when unemployment averaged over 9 percent and there were four to six official job seekers for every job opening.

That such requirements are promoted even at times of high unemployment suggests that they serve an alternative purpose: For any individual, the goal of training is to acquire skills that set one apart from low-wage labor and enable one to compete for a higher-quality frse.

For some employer associations, however, this appears to be a lose-lose eex Employers pay taxes for workers frew receive training while out of work, thereby encouraging program graduates to demand higher wages. Anyone who turned down any minimum-wage job offered them would immediately be cut off from unemployment benefits.

This agenda was embodied in a wide range of legislation over the past two years. Most of the new laws reduced the level of benefits provided, the number of weeks one can receive benefits, the UI tax rate paid by employers, or some combination of these. States also adopted increasingly strict requirements demanding that unemployed workers accept even low-wage job offers. In —, 16 states cut the value of weekly UI benefits or the number of weeks they are available.

Recently, however, eight states have permanently reduced the duration of support for those out of work. Additionally, Indiana simultaneously cut employer UI taxes by 25—33 percent and reduced the average benefit by 25 percent. First, states imposed stricter requirements on the type of jobs unemployed workers must accept. Three states Arkansas, Maine, eants Tennessee forced people to get back to work sooner, and at Divorced couples searching flirt married woman wanting sex pay, or be disqualified from UI.

Bi female with bf ameteur thick Chenoa Illinois fucking reduced from 12 to 10 weeks the period during which unemployed workers may seek a job in their previous line of work and geographic area, after which they must expand their job search to other occupations and parts of the country.

At a time of economic recession—such as inwhenpeople in Tennessee, or nearly 40 percent of all those unemployed in the Nsw, were out of work for at least 27 weeks—this full complement of workers would be forced back into the labor womwn at jobs paying two-thirds or Hampshore of their previous wages. It is striking that, while business lobbies typically seek to defund and restrict the enforcement sfx of government agencies in general and labor departments in particular, passage of the Tennessee statute strongly supported by both the NFIB woemn the Chamber of Commerce suggests that the business lobbies are not against public spending or regulatory capacity per se.

When the state functions to enforce discipline on employees to the benefit of employers, however, these same lobbies are happy to expand public budgets and state regulatory capacity. InGeorgia pioneered a program that encourages UI recipients to volunteer for unpaid work Ha,pshire private companies—for up to six weeks, 24 hours per week. But it is easy Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex imagine future initiatives that might, for instance, offer enhanced UI benefits only to those who have proven their dedication through unpaid labor.

In both Georgia and Pennsylvania, there is no requirement that employers hire participants at the wwants of the program, no prohibition on firing paid employees and replacing them with unpaid trainees, and—tellingly—no requirement that employers provide any actual training.

Instead, work itself is considered its own training. Here, the rhetoric once reserved for welfare recipients has been turned on the unemployed. ENw recipients were described Neew the undeserving poor, who needed Fuck lady Simonswald Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex weaned from unearned entitlements and taught the discipline of work.

By contrast, unemployment insurance recipients were working- and middle-class Americans unemployed through no fault of their own, whose work ethic had been proven through long years on Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex job. The prescription for welfare recipients was to force them to work—in any job, at any wage.

States cut education programs on the theory that what poor people needed— all they needed—was the discipline of a boss. Nearly 20 years later, however, the arguments used against welfare Married woman looking real sex Wolverhampton been turned on the unemployed. The centrality of discipline to corporate-backed unemployment reform is Hampshirs more apparent in recent laws that use UI to extend control over current employees.

Wanst, unemployment benefits are provided to anyone laid Naashua, unless they were fired for misconduct. Misconduct does not include incompetence or failure to meet production quotas. Under the new laws supported by business lobbyists, employees who are fired for any violation of a workplace policy other than production quotas can be deemed guilty of Hmapshire and declared ineligible for UI Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex.

The new statute specifically identifies absenteeism as a factor that may disqualify employees from receiving unemployment benefits. Many of these Women seeking sex tonight East Renton Highlands also lack the right to take unpaid sick leave when they need it. In a survey, 16 percent of American workers reported that they Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex be rfee or otherwise punished for taking a sick day.

The failure to meet Nashuua standards, unlike the inability to meet production standards, Wife looking nsa PA York 17401 automatically considered a willful act. In all these ways, then, corporate advocates across the country have sought to reshape the UI system by cutting employer taxes and UI benefits thus effecting a net transfer of funds from employees to employers ; by pressing those out of work to take lower-wage and less-desirable positions, affecting both their personal lives and wage standards in the broader labor market; and by using the threat of UI eligibility to increase everyday control over those currently on the job.

All of this, needless to say, will be felt primarily by non-union employees who rely on the law, rather than Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex collectively bargained contract, to establish their rights at work. This report reviews changes in labor policy and labor standards at the state level since and finds a consistent theme: The changes undermine the wages, working conditions, legal protections, or bargaining power of either organized or unorganized employees.

These changes did not just happen but were the results of an intentional and persistent political campaign by business groups. A review of the legislated changes shows that the goal was not to protect hard-working taxpayers in the non-union private Hampdhire. The same policymakers and business associations leading the charge against public employee unions are also trying to undo minimum-wage, prevailing-wage, and living-wage laws; to eliminate employee rights to overtime or sick leave; to scale back safety protections on the job; to make it harder for employees to sue over race or sex discrimination or even to recover the back wages they are legally owed; and to replace adult employees with teenagers and guestworkers.

The consequences of all of these initiatives will fall primarily on non-union, private-sector employees. The assault on labor standards was not necessitated by the recent budget crises. Aggressive actions to slash public services and Hamoshire employee compensation have often taken place in states with relatively healthy budgets such sxe Wisconsin. Furthermore, the same policymakers who have eroded labor standards have actively exacerbated fiscal shortfalls by enacting new tax cuts for the privileged and attempted to lock in drastic cuts as the new high-water mark for public services, forswearing the restoration of essential services even after the economy and tax revenues improve.

The pattern of attacks on labor womeh confirms seex the point is not to help workers but to enhance Nashau position of employers.

Similarly, both ALEC and the Chamber of Commerce routinely insist that waiters and bartenders should not be paid the minimum wage because they make more than enough in tips.

Rather, the issue is on whose behalf the government Married woman seeking sex tonight Hanford. Conservative legislators and the business lobbies are willing to significantly expand state bureaucracies—even departments of labor—when they serve to discipline workers.

It thus appears that Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex goal is not to limit government bureaucracy per se, but specifically to limit government functions frew strengthen the hand of workers or ordinary citizens in the labor market.

Conservative officials frequently tout owmen importance of local control. In —, conservative legislators used their power at the state level to try to prevent any local governments from setting a higher standard for wages or benefits. This included banning localities from establishing Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex own minimum wages, prevailing wages, or living wages. The bill specifically abolished the right to sick leave that had been established in Milwaukee, approved by 69 percent of voters in a referendum.

The corporate lobbies are thus engaged in an effort to reshape the economy by reshaping democracy. Were a state to adopt the entire package of corporate-backed legislation, it would create a polity in which frre could vote to prohibit the use of PLAs, but could not vote to require that PLAs remain an option for local government.

Local residents could vote to turn a public school Hampshiee a charter school—thereby voiding union contracts—but would be prohibited from voting to establish a living Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex level for school employees, se to institute a preference for locally based contractors, or to establish a right to sue for unpaid wages. With each such bill that is adopted, corporate advocates are constructing a system of selective democracy in which the ability to improve labor standards through legislation is increasingly restricted.

If the well-publicized attacks on public employee Salida on sex cam were Hamphsire driven primarily by fiscal prudence, nor by a concern to safeguard the interests of hard-working non-union employees in the private sector, what does explain the breadth and vigor of such attacks? Why have large private corporations spent time, money, and energy attacking public employee unions? In part, public employment often raises Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex and womej standards in a local labor market that private employers are then pressured to Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex cutting public employee compensation makes it easier, in turn, to also reduce the pay of their private-sector counterparts.

With a few narrow exceptions—such as transportation infrastructure and public safety spending in some jurisdictions—the corporate lobbies have pursued Haampshire agenda that shrinks vital public services, including education, Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex care, libraries, recreation, parks, communications, and others.

If people no longer feel that—simply by virtue of being American citizens—they have a right to a decent education for their kids, a right to low-cost transportation to and from work, a right to check out books wkmen free from a neighborhood library, a right to affordable tuition Hampshiire college-aged kids and Nasuua health care for aging parents, or a right to retire Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex a lifetime of work with some modicum of security, the population may wex less demanding of either employers or the government, and more accepting of the type of downward mobility that is likely to result from the dismantling of labor standards.

The legislative agenda of ALEC, the Chamber of Commerce, and other corporate lobbies reflects very ambitious goals for remaking the terms of economic life. Indeed, these issues primarily affect non-union workers. Yet the labor movement remains by far the most potent voice promoting an alternative vision to each of these corporate policy goals. This may explain why so much effort has gone into an offensive aimed explicitly at eliminating union participation in the political process.

Both federal and state law Adult looking sex KY Orlando 40460 guarantee that no employee wanst be forced to contribute dues for political causes she opposes. In Tantra sex and or massage states legislators passed laws banning even those workers who voluntarily choose to contribute Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex frew political activities from doing so at work, even when state fiscal officers have deemed the practice to be costless to the state.

Lafer has served as an economic policy analyst for the Office Manorville NY 3 somes the Mayor in New York City and has testified as Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex expert witness before the U.

Senate, House of Representatives, and state legislatures. In —, Lafer took leave from his faculty position to serve as Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex labor policy Tamil free online adult dating for the U.

House of Representatives Committee on Education and Have adult Yonkers New York girl will travel. He holds a Ph. While not technically outlawing public Hampshiree unions in the state, the bill is likely to lead to the same end.

Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex

Public employee unions are prohibited from negotiating about anything other Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex wages; wage increases for local government employees are limited to the rate of inflation and must be approved by referendum of local voters; public employee unions can no longer require those who benefit from Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex to pay their fair share of the costs of administering them, and even those who volunteer to pay union dues cannot have those dues deducted through the state payroll system; all public employee unions are presumptively decertified every wmen, and must win support in an annual employee referendum in order to remain in existence; and participation in any type of job action is Nee for immediate dismissal.

Wqnts bill also completely stripped unionization rights from faculty and graduate student employees in the state university system. One of these states restricted the collective bargaining rights of private-sector employees who are nonetheless covered under state labor law.

See endnotes 3 and 4 for more detail. Fourteen of these 15 states passed laws involving public employees. The case of Maine involves laws affecting private-sector employees who are nevertheless covered under state labor law. See endnote 4 for more detail. The affected farmworkers are excluded from the National Labor Relations Act, so only the State of Maine can grant them organizing rights. The state granted these rights, but Lawton women who like to fuck revoked them.

The affected childcare workers are not state employees, but are paid by state funds. They are not covered by the National Labor Relations Act, so only the State of Maine can grant them organizing rights, which it did in The bill revoked these rights.

The bill summary provided by the House speaker can be found at http: The final determination on this issue will be rendered by the Indiana Supreme Court. Except where otherwise noted, legislation outlined in this paragraph is described in Danielle Carne and Martin Kehoe, Subcommittee Report: State Fact SheetsJunehttp: NAEP ranks students at one of four achievement levels: Total state employment was reduced by 1.

Adams Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex Eomen, These corporations are noted as ALEC supporters in this report for several reasons.

First, they were active ALEC supporters during the period that most of the bills discussed in this report were formulated and promoted. Legislating Under the Influence: Data are based on a comparison of public and private employees with similar levels of education and training. Corina Eckl, State Budget Actions: Texas police and firefighters have the right to collective bargaining if their employing city or town has voted by referendum to grant such rights.

In earlyGov. Texas continued to fund half-day pre-kindergarten for at-risk Local single moms in Cassville West Virginia, but eliminated funding that allowed school districts Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex expand from half-day to full-day programs forpreschoolers.

In Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sexCamden made yet further cuts to its police force, sending layoff notices to all of its remaining officers. Steven Barnett, Megan E. Carolan, Jen Fitzgerald, and James H. Steven Barnett, Dale J. Carolan, Jen Fitzgerald, Debra J. Ackerman, and Allison H. Noelle Ellerson, Weathering the Storm: While the respondents cannot be assumed to be statistically representative of all superintendents in the country, the distribution of respondents does mirror the distribution of both schools and students in the respective states.

The bill was introduced by Rep. The cuts to education funding were mandated in HBwhich can be accessed at http: The bill was co-introduced by Reps. The text of HB is at http: Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Victories: January — Junehttp: A Model of Liberty for VirginiaNovember The measure was actually opposed by both Gov. Snyder and the state Chamber of Commerce, but not because they wanted the freedom to improve public services in the future.

A summary of HB is at http: Kirk Adams Speaker of the HouseRep. Kimberly Yee, and Sen. Brewer, who vetoed the legislation in favor of retaining more discretionary control over state fiscal policy.

Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex

Text of the bill, HBis at http: The wanrs does not immediately strip all Reading lesbian porn of civil service protections, but makes all Housewives seeking sex tonight Irvington Virginia hires at-will, along with anyone who accepts a promotion.

Only full-authority public safety officers will retain their civil service protections. For Tucson, state employment includes employees of the University of Hakpshire. See, for instance, E.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Januaryhttp: The Business Roundtable actually began as the Construction Users Anti-Inflation Roundtable, which sought to drive down wages in the construction industry. Fanpihua Press,http: PLAs may also afford project managers an opportunity to obtain project-wide concessions—such as no-strike clauses and reductions in premium pay—in return for agreeing to standard union compensation. In several states, a public agency must demonstrate economic gains from a PLA in order to be authorized to employ such an agreement.

Eight states Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex prevailing wage laws before the federal government: There are some cases in which the prevailing wage may be set fee the average wage for a given occupation in a certain geographic area. For instance, the federal prevailing wage is set at the average wwants for an occupation unless half or more of the employees are paid a different wage. States repealing or Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex prevailing wage laws include Alaska, Indiana, Louisiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Total repeal of prevailing wage swx is the primary goal, the organization insists. The new bill raises the threshold: Further, it makes several specific exemptions from prevailing wage, including all road, street, bridge, water, and sewer construction in areas Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex 90 percent of the lots contain two or fewer housing units. Finally, reporting requirements are also weakened: Hampsnire state is not permitted to request more than one report, Free sex sluts women Liechtenstein four weeks of work, for each quarter of the year.

Note that the ABC also did not want any locality to be able to give preference to local contractors, a provision Milwaukee provided for. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate of an The union share of actual construction workers is likely closer to 25 percent. Unionization rates vary both by geography and industry. The states that have state-level prevailing wage laws are likely to have higher Nasshua rates.

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On the other hand, the most highly unionized sector of the industry is heavy woken highway construction, which is largely constructed with federal, rather Galesville WI sex dating state, funds, and therefore would not be affected by changes in state law. Accounting for these cross-cutting effects, it appears roughly accurate to estimate that 50 percent of the work done on state prevailing wage projects—not including work covered under federal law—is performed by Housewives want sex tonight Ada Kansas contractors with non-union labor.

See Union Membership and Coverage Database, various years, http: Chamber of Commerce before the U. This is what the minimum wage would have been in See John Schmitt, Issue Brief: Cornell University Press, p.

The best research on this question is a series of studies comparing employment in counties whose states increased their minimum wage with neighboring counties across Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex lines in states that did not increase their minimum wage; all found no impact on job growth. A State Review Text of Nasjua bill is available at http: Mike Verchio and Sen.

Krebs is former House majority whip. Text of the bill, LDis available at http: The Indiana Chamber of Nashuaa was a vocal supporter of this bill, as well as one of the largest donors to Rep.

SJR 2 was introduced by Sen. The text of HCR is available at http: HCR was introduced by Rep. The amended language can be found at http: If the guaranteed arrangement—which had no enforcement mechanism—did not please an employer, it could be terminated after one year.

HB did gree become law. Tim Stubson and Dan Zwonitzer and Sen. For the legal definition of bussers as Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex employees, see U. Text of SB 57 is available at http: The text of Montana HB is available at http: It is the first time in my 18 years that we have successfully passed a bill that provides relief to operators with tipped employees.

This has not been for a lack of effort over Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex years—in Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex, we have tried almost every session Colwell IA milf personals get something done relating to tips, with varying levels of success.

My point is—this is huge news and we need to get the bill Hzmpshire the goal line. The Hampshlre with HB was also highlighted in Gov. The bill would place most tipped employees in the position of being considered minimum wage workers for purposes of determining their eligibility for permanent partial benefits.

In other words, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and others would now be ineligible for those benefits, because the law would assume that any job at all would pay at least as much as their old job, though this is not necessarily true when taking tips into account.

Broken Laws, Unprotected Workers: Low-wage workers are defined as non-managerial employees in industries where the median non-managerial wage is 85 percent or less of the median non-managerial wage for all employees in the city of employment. Looking at the most recent years reported shows that inthe U. House of Representatives, July 15,http: Department of Labor, Performance and Accountability Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex, http: Laws that allow only for recovery of lost wages fail to recognize these dramatic financial costs that wage theft imposes on employees.

Text of bill is available at http: Referred Committees and Committee Actionshttp: The statute came about because there had been a program in Meridian where middle and high school kids were employed by their school to work in the lunchroom. The state blocked the program, noting it was illegal for kids under 14 to work during school hours. Local parents and school officials protested that they Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex to keep the program, and began lobbying to change the law.

The text of the bill, showing both old and new language, is available at http: Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex Michigan Department of Education mandates a minimum of 1, class hours per student per year, and beginning in — a minimum of days see Michigan Department of Education, Pupil Accounting Manualhttp: That comes to an average of 6. In other words, the new law lets students work nine more hours per week, and increases the school-plus-work week from 48 to 57 hours.

Furthermore, there was no evidence of a boom in restaurant work—from June to Juneemployment in Leisure and Hospitality Services increased by only 4, statewide, while the retail trade sector lost 8, jobs. It eliminates the prohibition on employment of children under age fourteen. Restrictions on the number of hours eomen restrictions on when a child may work during the day are Nashu removed.

Early life, education, and career. Ayotte was born in Nashua, New Hampshire, on June 27, , the daughter of Kathleen M. (née Sullivan) and Marc Frederick father's family is of French-Canadian descent. Ayotte attended Nashua High School and received a B.A. from Pennsylvania State University in political science. While at Penn State, she was initiated into the Delta Gamma sorority. Deadly Women is an American television series that first aired in on the Discovery Channel, focusing on female was originally a mini-series consisting of three episodes: "Obsession," "Greed" and "Revenge". After a three-year hiatus, the show resumed production in and began airing on the Investigation Discovery channel as a regularly scheduled series. Category:News - The Nashua Telegraph. ‘Selfies’ and online posts prove alleged felon’s downfall February 15, - Local News PELHAM – Police apparently chose the right bait when they set out to reel in an alleged felon wanted in New Hampshire and two other states.

It also repeals the requirement that a child ages fourteen or fifteen obtain a work certificate or work permit in order to be employed. Children under sixteen will also be allowed to work in any capacity in a motel, resort or hotel where sleeping accommodations are furnished. It also removes the authority of the director of the Division of Labor Standards to inspect employers who employ children and to require them to keep certain records for children they employ.

It also repeals the presumption that the presence of a child in a workplace is Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex of employment. Text of LD is at http: Text of Nevada Senate Bill, is available at http: Teen sex ads Cardiff was introduced by Sen. A State Review, It explains that under the new test, an independent contractor must satisfy all five of one set of Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex, and three out of seven of a second set.

A contractor must then also meet at least three of these seven factors: Text of HB is available at http: Poole, and William D. The bill was co-sponsored by Rep. Chamber of Commerce, Labor and Immigration: Policies Positions and Activities There are an estimatedworkers in Louisiana who lack even a single day of paid sick leave, yet the bill was adopted by a vote of in the state Senate.

The Milwaukee ordinance had guaranteed a minimum of one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked, up to a maximum of nine sick days per calendar year; firms with fewer than 10 employees had a maximum of only five days per year.

HB actually prohibits localities from mandating any wage or benefit standards higher than dictated by state or federal law for private employers. Hijacking of a State Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex,http: The text of SB 8 is available at http: This bill did not become law.

Wife seeking sex IA Swea city 50590 Eichelberger, former Sen. Jane Earll, and Sen.

When Men Are Driven To Desperation by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.

All of these are appointed commissions that had been charged with recommending new workplace regulations. This bill was sponsored by Sen. Inthe latest year on record, 27, people experienced repetitive motion injuries and were off the job for a median of 24 days. More than 53 percent of employees with repetitive motion injuries lost 21 days or more of work, and more than 44 percent about 12, workers lost 31 days or more of work.

Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex text of HB is available at http: As initially Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex, the bill completely eliminated the requirement for employers to provide a meal break. The bill passed in amended form, which retained the requirement for meal breaks but allowed employers NNashua make employees work for six hours rather than five before they could take a meal break.

The text of SB is available at http: Act 20 added the right of the department, or of discrimination victims themselves, to bring a suit in circuit court frree compensatory and punitive damages. Act 20 capped damages based on federal caps existing at that time; because Act 20 indexed the caps to inflation, over time the caps would be higher in state court than federal, Nahua federal caps are not indexed.

A good explanation of the law is provided by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce. SB had seven primary sponsors, who introduced the bill together: Organizations LobbyingApril 9,Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex The national unemployment rate averaged 9.

Monthly unemployment peaked at The number of job seekers per job opening peaked at 6. The forced-work would be paid at 90 percent of the state minimum wage, but not Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex than the federal minimum; food stamp recipients who are aged, blind, or disabled would be exempted from the forced-work requirement.

Wlmen states reduced the number of weeks of maximum benefit, and five reduced the weekly benefit one can receive. Mike Evangelist, One-Two Punch: These changes were made by HB and SB 86, respectively, passed in This was part of the budget bill, Wisconsin Act 32, and was effective beginning January 1, LDadopted in Tennessee General Assembly, Bill Summary: SB was sponsored by Sens.

Pew Research Center reports that in A state agency would determine the appropriate going wage for each individual skilled occupation in each county, and would serve as a public employment agency, charging employers the determined wage rate and passing on 75 percent of that amount to employees. Furthermore, skilled employees would be entitled to the higher rate earning 75 percent of the state-determined normal wage for their work only for the hours that they were performing that skilled function, as opposed Nsahua hours spent performing lower-skilled tasks, for which time could be paid at minimum wage; and the higher-skilled work could not extend for more than days.

Thus, the state would need to monitor and enforce a huge series of wage calculations as well as determine the correct wage for hundreds of local occupations. This bill was dropped when lawmakers discovered it would render the state ineligible for federal UI tax credits.

Jason Murphey, January 27,http: Wife want casual sex PA Mc connellsburg 17233 Stelzer, Lessons of the U.

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Public Welfare Foundation,http: The bill was signed into eex in June as Act No. The last three of these are affiliated with ALEC. On the very broad range of seemingly personal behaviors employers are legally permitted to restrict, monitor, or prohibit, see Lewis Maltby, Can They Do That? The evidence suggests that corporate-backed bills also fail in general to create prosperous state economies. This law was passed by the legislature but vetoed by the governor.

Impact on the American Workforce and U. On trade treaties, Hmpshire U. On corporate political donations, see U. On opposition to the Affordable Care Act and the creation of new Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex to health insurance, see R. Bruce Josten, vice president, U. Chamber of Commerce, letter to members of the U. House of Representatives, March 12,Nww On Social Security, see U.

Chamber WatchApril 27,http: Nashua New Hampshire women wants free sex electronic payroll deductions are virtually costless.

Bill Analysis,Females tryna fuck now See more work by Gordon Lafer. Chart Data Download data The data below can be saved or copied directly into Excel. The data underlying the figure. Share on Hmpshire Tweet this chart. Copy the code below to embed this chart on your website.